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Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration

Over the years we have worked with various tools and technologies and we have managed to save thousands of items damaged by a flood or even by a fire.

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Carpet Cleaning Company

Carpet Cleaning Company

Carpet cleaning Company El Sobrante also offers upholstery stem cleaning services.

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Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning Services

Our company has staff that is knowledgeable about carpets and is able to follow recommendations and manuals from carpet cleaning manufactures that enables them to do an effective job to your carpet.

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General solutions to Carpet maintenance

Identify the common solutions to your carpet maintenance problem in the FAQ page below.

The best answers to frequently asked questions about carpet cleaning and ways to remove stains, mold and bad odors. Take a look and find out how to deal with emergency water damage related problems, what to do when carpets and upholstery get stained, and how to keep your rugs in excellent condition.

Get answers to your questions about carpet cleaning methods by reading the following carpet related FAQ.

How do you know if your carpet is already clean enough?

A clean carpet is expected to look, smell, and feel clean. An expert in Carpet Cleaning El Sobrante can tell you whether or not the cleaning procedure done was effective enough. There should be no spots or stains left. Odors, especially those left by pets and spilled food or beverages, should no longer be detectable. Also, you should be able to walk on your carpets barefoot without feeling grains of dirt or residues of the cleaning product used on the carpet.

When is dry carpet cleaning applicable?

For the most part, dry carpet cleaning is only recommended for quick cleaning needs. It is deemed applicable during emergency cleaning operations since it is faster to do and there is no more drying time required. However, you cannot expect dry carpet cleaning to be effective enough in getting tough stains and odors. In addition, dry carpet cleaning cannot be used for mold and mildew removal. It is primarily intended for maintenance cleaning purposes.

Can I find round and oval rugs?

The truth is that most rugs are rectangular and you can find some square ones, too. Finding oval and round handmade oriental rugs would be more difficult but they do exist. If you can travel to the East, you can find them easier but still they are rare and they will certainly cost you more. They are more expensive because their shape is definitely more peculiar and they are more difficult to make.

Can you describe the methods of carpet cleaning?

Experts in this field are knowledgeable in all methods of cleaning. Therefore, they can clean according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. The most preferred carpet cleaning solution used is the steam cleaning method, also known as hot water extraction as it is more effective.

Can I really get rid of a pet stain?

The effectiveness of pet stain & odor removal depends on various factors, including the texture of the carpet and the extent of the problem. If this is the first time you are dealing with this problem and take care of it right away, your pet won't choose the same corner to urinate. Our cleaners also insist that you must act immediately and use the right ecofriendly products to remove the stains and odors. Try applying some vinegar, too.

Is sodium hydroxide suitable for cleaning grout?

While this compound and any cleaner based on it can make your grout sparkly white with a fairly small amount of effort, it is not particularly safe to use. This is because it is strong enough to cause grout erosion. While it can be applied sparingly in extreme cases, it is certainly not a cleaning product that can be used on a regular basis.

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